New Model Army at CUBEOpen 2011

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New Model Army- Aideen and Fionnuala Doran – balsa wood, corrugated cardboard, tape – 2011.


CUBEOpen 2011 Exhibition

16 December 2011 – 4 February 2012

Launched in 2007, artists, architects and designers are invited to apply with work that reflects current trends and debates surrounding the spaces and places in which we live. Each year the exhibition highlights contemporary insights into the urban environment.  The CUBEOpen receives applications from around the globe and visitors to the exhibition will have the unique opportunity to see the diverse and engaging ways that artists, architects and designers have been influenced by our surroundings.

An esteemed panel of judges are invited annually to shortlist the applications.  Selectors this year included- Robert Powell – Creative Director, Beam Wakefield; Paul Herrmann – Director, Red Eye Photography Network; Jane Anderson – Creative Director, CUBE; Stephen Whittle – Collections Curator, University of Salford.  More than 30 artists have been selected for exhibition, including a compactable TATE model (pictured), Guerrilla artwork and interventions that lead you outside the gallery.

“CUBE has consistently been the most interesting, dynamic, approachable and diverse creative space in Manchester; and the most influential independent gallery in the city centre. I was delighted to be on the judging panel for this year’s competition.” Paul Hermann, Director of Redeye, the Photography Network.

Participating artists:

Andrew Brown, Samuel Capps, Mark Clare, Justine Cook, Aideen Doran and Fionnuala Doran, Kelda Free and David Brazier, Becky Gee, Isabelle Hayeur, Flis Holland, Philip Kennedy, Seulki Ki, Ian Kirkpatrick , Elizabeth Kwant, Hannah Leighton–Boyce, Manchester Modernist Society, Fabien Marques, ,Katie McGown, Rosalie Monod de Froideville, Charlotte Mortensson, Lauren O’Grady, Simon Parish, Nathan Pendlebury, Kristin Posehn, Rosey Prince, Robin Pugh, Amanda Rice, Ailie Rutherford, Jennie Savage, Shift (from Shift//Delete), Jon Spencer, Jenny Steele, Matthew Thompson, Tristan Thomson, Pamela Valfer, Mary-Ruth Walsh, Peter Ward, Jiho Won.


More photos from CUBEOpen can be found on their FLICKR page.

THE SILENCE Catalogue / Ligatura 2011

The Silence Catalogue is an outcome of Silence competition that ran during 2nd International Comics Culture Festival Ligatura (in June 2011). The idea behind the contest was to promote the comic book art form where the only form of narration is through images. See in how many ways you can understand the word silence.
Over 200 works where received for the Silence competition during the 2nd international comics culture festival “Ligatura”. The catalogue includes 43 works by artists from Argentina, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, the UK and the USA.


Including work from Yours Truly. Click here to take a peek.

A History of Ireland in Many Small Parts (work in progress)

I’ve been working on putting together a history of Ireland as seen through the medium of comics, although everything I’ve completed so far deals with things that happened after 1780. These two pages deal very, very roughly with Roger Casement’s pre-revolutionary life as British Consul investigator extraordinaire.

(It’s been brought to me attention that the map makes it look like Peru is in Brazil. The next version will have instructional arrows pointing to Peru’s actual location)