9-5 Residency at PS2


I recently completed a stint at PS2, Belfast as part of their 9-5 Residency program.

‘9 to 5 residency’- a daily changing use of space. 3 – 16 November

Sarah McBride, Michael Hanna, Fionnuala Doran, Laura Graham, Kevin Walsh, Anne Marie Taggart, John McKeown/ Pia Munita, Acitore Z Artezione/William Artt, Jane Butler, Aideen Doran, Catherine Roberts, Alissa Kleist, Tonya McMullan.
Opening hours: Mon- Sat 11am -5pm; Thurs 5 Nov till 9pm

This project is the result of an open call for a series of one day residencies in PS².

Artists, architects and creative practitioners were invited to sent in a proposal, how they would use the space between 9am and 5pm; for performance, research, office work, hide out, craft workshop, studio, cinema, museum, living room, shop or observatory…

The proposal:  To use the PS2 gallery space as space to continuously generate ideas between the hours of 9 to 5. In short, to produce as many single paragraph or single image ideas, all on single sheets of notebook paper, as possible. For example, the artist will generate narratives such as ‘ In an elaborate suicide bid, a man travels back in time to kill his father’. Upon completion this narrative will be ripped off the block and pinned to the gallery wall. A narrative can be no longer than a paragraph and an image must fit onto a single page.