Lingua Comica- Graphic Novels from Asia and Europe

Year: 2009 Editor: David Ocon Fernandez and Titus Ackermann Publisher: Asia-Europe Foundation ISBN: 978-981-08-4817-0

Lingua Comica – Graphic Novels from Asia and Europe is out! Copies can be obtained from the Asia Europe Foundation’s website.

Lingua Comica has contributions from JM Ken Niimura, Sophie Darcq, Kaori Kuniyasu, Mari Ahokoivu, Gabor Kiss, Nguyen Thanh Phong, Sarah Joan Mokhtar, Tom Smith, Aziza Noor,  Paola Cortese, Rommel Joson, Vishwajyoti Ghosh and me.


Catalyst Arts – The Art Rebels

I’ll be exhibiting tomorrow night as part of Catalyst Art’s Art Rebels. I offer a small preview of this work:

Art Rebels is a celebration of the creativity and ambition of the people that have made this possible- the directors who gave up two years of their lives to Catalyst. All of the exhibiting artists have served on the committee at some point from 1994 onwards; many have gone on to success as artists and curators, even being nominated for the Turner Prize, and others have taken on significant roles in the arts infrastructure of the UK and Ireland.

Art Rebels brings many of these people back together for the first time, with performances, discussions and workshops running alongside the gallery exhibition.

Exhibiting artists: Allan Hughes, Angela Darby, Benji DeBurca, Brendan O’Neill, Brian Patterson, Brown&Bri, Caelan Bristow, Cherie Driver, Cian Donnelly, Clive Murphy, Colm Clarke, Dan Shipsides, Deirdre McKenna, Dougal McKenzie, Duncan Campbell, Eilis O’Baoil, Elina Medley, Eoghan McTigue, Fiona Ní Mhaoilir, Fionnuala Doran, Fuyuka Shindo, Grainne Cullen, Helen Sharp, Johanna Leech, Julie Bacon, Justin McKeown, Karen Vaughan, Leo Devlin, Mark Orange, Meabh McDonnell, Peter Richards, Phil Collins, Philip Hession, Robert Peters, Sara O’Gorman, Seamus Harahan, Stephen Hackett, Susan Phillipz & Ursula Burke.

*Performances on the opening night from Julie Bacon, Brian Patterson & Peter Richards.

Marco Polo doodles

This is the little lay out I was working on that eventually became Marco Polo- World Traveler. I believe the little guy there was supposed to be Casanova. I did this while in Venice, so there was plenty of nifty architecture/street scapes around to include in the doodle.